Doha, Qatar, 2024 — The Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation (ACDF) will reveal "Crafting Uzbekistan: Tradition in Threads" an immersive showcase blending Uzbekistan's rich craft tradition with contemporary creativity, at the Design Doha Biennial. Opening on February 24, 2024 this exhibition promises to be a journey through the vibrant world of Uzbek craftsmanship.


The "Crafting Uzbekistan: Tradition in Threads" exhibition, as part of the inaugural edition of Design Doha Biennial, aligns with the event's goals of celebrating artistic diversity and fostering creative innovation. Initially focusing on wood and textile crafts, the exhibition showcases an exceptional array of both historical and contemporary objects. Visitors attention will be attracted by the display of handwoven silk Ikat and Bakhmal fabrics, alongside intricately carved wooden traditional objects. This showcase contributing to the vibrant tapestry of global cultural exchange and artistic innovation.


ACDF was invited to partake to the biennial by portraying the excellence of craft of his acclaimed heritage.


“We welcome ACDF as our partner in the inaugural edition of the Design Doha Biennial, helping us to realize our vision of a sweeping survey of design creativity from across the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. Our goal is to present design as a wonderful blend of heritage and innovation. Crafting Uzbekistan is an indispensable strand in that fabric.” — HE Sheikha Al-Mayssa  bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums.



To support Design Doha Biennial’s main theme ‘Celebration Regional Design Excellence’, ACDF commissioned Bahrain-based Shepherd Studio to create an innovative and contemporary exhibition design. With the use of 'optical weaving,' a unique conceptual approach that utilizes 31,000 lenticular tiles with a total of 26,000,000 threads, visitors will be immersed into an atmospheric experience that is deeply rooted in the traditional crafts of Uzbekistan. The scenography is designed to enhance the aesthetic and spatial qualities of the space, emphasizing color and engaging the senses in a profound way.


"We are excited to unveil our project at Design Doha Biennial. This exhibition is a harmonious blend of Uzbekistan's rich craft heritage and modern innovation, featuring handwoven textiles and intricately carved wooden artefacts. It invites audiences to experience a unique sensory journey through the vibrant colors and textures of Uzbek rich culture." — Gayane Umerova, Chairperson of the Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation.


Highlighting the exhibition are 50 craft pieces, including a special feature made in collaboration by designer Nada Debs with Uzbek wood master Sirojiddin Rahmatillaev. This piece is offering a modern interpretation of a traditional and iconic furniture element. This collaboration signifies the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, showcasing the evolution of Uzbek artistry.


"Creating a modern take on the traditional ‘Topchan’, an object that master craftsman Sirojiddin has been creating for over 50 years, I felt that I may be intruding on certain traditions. But unexpectedly, our collaboration with Sirojiddin has been a delightful experience. His receptiveness to new ideas was truly inspiring and provided me the freedom to design without limitations. Additionally, it is very interesting to see the link between the craft of the Arab world and the craft of Uzbekistan. I feel it is like a time capsule where the craft captures history and the exchange of ideas between cultures." — Nada Debs, Designer.


"Crafting Uzbekistan: Tradition in Threads" is not just an exhibition; it is a celebration of the enduring beauty and relevance of Uzbek crafts in the modern world. It is an invitation to explore the depth and richness of Uzbekistan's cultural heritage, presented through a lens that marries the past with the present.


"Crafting Futures - Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Design for Future Creation" is the theme of the Biennial’s Design Forum. The talk series will foster discussions on the synergy between traditional craft and modern design and the transformative role of design in social contexts and national development.


On February, 25th, a panel discussion titled "Crafting Futures - Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Design for Future Creation" will gather Abdulrahman Al Muftah, a multidisciplinary designer from Qatar; Hamad Alhomiedan, Arts Enrichment and Academia Manager at the Royal Commission for AlUla and Azizbek Mannopov, Head of the Cultural Cooperation Department at the Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation. The talk will be moderated by Cyril Zammit, a renowned Design Consultant and Strategic Advisor.


Panelists will go through the evolution of craftsmanship across diverse cultural landscapes, examining the impact of modern technologies on traditional arts. This discussion aims to shed light on the evolution of crafts and their broader societal, cultural, and economic implications, inspiring innovative approaches to integrating design into public policy and national development strategies.


The Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation is proud to bring this unique and enriching experience to Design Doha Biennial, highlighting the timeless elegance of Uzbek crafts and their place in the contemporary design landscape.


"Crafting Uzbekistan: Tradition in Threads"

February 24th – March 10th

Doha, Qatar, M7.


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The Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation was founded in 2017 by the decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, fosters international cooperation and promotes the culture of Uzbekistan on the international stage. It showcases the national heritage by initiating projects in the fine arts, architecture, literature, theater, music, craft, design and dance. The mission of the Foundation is to create an inclusive and accessible environment in the country's cultural institutions, to contribute to the renovation of museums, and to develop cultural patronage and professional training for the arts and culture sector.


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Nada Debs is a Levantine designer living and working in Beirut. Her work spans scale and discipline: from product and furniture design to one-off commissions across craft, art, fashion and interiors. Nada grew up in Japan, studied design at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States and has spent time living and travelling the world, finding connections between different cultures. What ties her work together is her ability to distil culture and craftsmanship to create pieces of emotional resonance. She believes design can cross time and border and touch us on a primal level. She calls her approach: handmade and heartmade.