According to the restoration plan, specialists from the Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museum of Art got acquainted with the condition of Kandinsky’s paintings from the collection of the State Museum of Uzbekistan and began work on the following works:

Kandinsky V.V. (born 1920) "Composition" inv. 424 w 87x87 (canvas)
Kandinsky V.V. (born 1920) "Composition" inv. 430 w 96x106 (canvas)
Kandinsky V.V. (born 1920) "Composition" inv. 785 400 og 34x22 (paper, watercolor, ink, graphic car.)
The restoration was carried out in accordance with international standards and completed on time. Now the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan.