The Art and Culture Development Foundation continues to work to further preserve the historical mahallas of Tashkent, their uniqueness and cultural and historical heritage, and initiates the creation of art residences on the territory of the Old City of Tashkent. The project will be implemented in partnership with Studio KO architectural bureau (Marroko).

Two objects were identified for organizing creative space. The first one is located in Namuna mahalla, where the Matkarimboy madrasah will be restored and the traditional architectural look will be preserved. The second one is located in Hast Imom mahalla in the building of a former pre-school educational institution. These mahallas are located in Olmazar district of Tashkent.

Implementation of this project is first of all related to strengthening state support of culture and art sphere and development of projects on forming comfortable urban environment with focus on careful attitude and preservation of its authenticity. 

The Art Residence is a platform for sharing experiences, intercultural dialogue, and the implementation of joint art projects. This format of cultural exchange promotes mutual understanding between different cultures. Artists working in the residencies learn the history and features of their host country.

All conditions for an artist to live and work are available in art residences. He is provided with everything he needs: a creative studio, materials and tools for his work, as well as audiences with whom he can discuss the works brought to life during their stay in the residence.

The art residencies model has become very popular around the world in the last few years and is an important stepping stone in the careers of many artists who want to break out of their local artistic environment and integrate into an international context. The participant interacts with his peers and critics. It is always a strong start for a young artist who has just finished his studies, and a good stimulus for someone who wants to actively grow and move.

The world's largest art residencies are Jan Van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, Netherlands), Tabakalera (San Sebastian, Spain), Casa de Velázquez (Madrid, Spain), Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia (Venice, Italy), Acme Studios (London, UK). The Tashkent art residences will include creative studios, living spaces, an exhibition space, library and co-working space. The design concept of art residences will be developed by the architectural bureau Studio KO, taking into account international standards.

The workshops will offer the opportunity to work on professional equipment with the support of a team of technicians. They will have a variety of tools and materials available for both traditional techniques and digital production. This space will allow for creation, experimentation and dialogue between practitioners and the larger community.

The co-working space is a collaborative space where participants from different workshops can prepare their projects, make presentations and simply communicate. They will have computers with installed software, upholstered furniture creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, a library, and a kitchen with vending machines at their disposal.

Art residences in Tashkent will be an educational platform for the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent, and a progressive art space. They will launch special programs for the professional development of artists. Lectures and creative master classes will also be held on a permanent basis.

The residents are representatives of the creative industry who want to improve their skills, collaborate and pursue a professional career internationally. The residents get access to all the resources of the art center. The program will be open to artists of different disciplines including painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile, new media, film, 3D printing as well as curators and researchers. The main condition for taking part in the art residencies program is the idea for an interesting project and a desire to work in a new cultural space.  Both local and foreign artists may become residents.

The purpose of art residencies in Tashkent - to support creative young people and professionals working in various disciplines, creating a space with modern equipment and a favorable environment for the development of contemporary art and design practices, rooted in the culture and traditions of Uzbekistan. It will be a platform for collaboration between domestic and international representatives of creative class.

Art and Culture Development Foundation

The Art and Culture Development Foundation initiates projects aimed at the development of culture, art, literature, theater, music, architecture and choreography in Uzbekistan. It establishes international cultural ties and promotes the country's cultural potential on the world stage. The Foundation's long-term programs include the creation of an inclusive and accessible environment in the country's cultural institutions, the renovation of museums, the development of patronage of the arts and the promotion of human resources for museums, theaters and other cultural institutions.