Tashkent Film Encounters program of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Tashkent

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In April, May and June 2020, the project is to plan online screenings of films by Central Asian filmmakers that have become classics of modern cinema. From April 17 to 24, the first screening will be organized – audiences will be able to watch the film Voiz (Orator) by Yusup Razykov, as well as read an interview with the author about his work on the website of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent.

Tashkent Encounters is a series of curated events organized by The Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent. It brings together international art professionals and puts them in conversation with the Central Asian art scene in the capital of Uzbekistan in order to exhibit, share, perform and give talks. Each event of the Tashkent Encounter`s public program will focus on a specific topic and include discussions and lectures.

The first event of Tashkent Encounters is dedicated to modern cinema in Central Asia. Filmmakers of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will present their works, which have already become classics of modern cinema. This will allow viewers to note the evolution of the film language of these authors, from the early 90`s to the present day. Films can be viewed this spring on the website and social networks of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent. The public program of Tashkent Film Encounters is planned for the fall of 2020 and will include a series of screenings, lectures and round tables. The detailed program of the event will be published on the center`s website.