Presentation of the book Uzbekistan. The Road to Samarkand in London.

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On March 12, the presentation of the book Uzbekistan: The Road to Samarkand took place at the Maison Assouline book boutique in London.

As part of the event, the best chefs of Uzbekistan organized an offering of uzbek national dishes for the guests of the publishing house. These guests were representatives of the business community and the press. Among those invited were the founder of the Assouline Publishing house Prosper Assouline; the deputy executive director of the Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan Gayane Umerova; Ambassador Advisor of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UK Ali  Tilavov; author of the book Yaffa Assouline; Chairman of the European Advisory Board of Christie's International Plc Pedro Girao; founder of the KT Wong Foundation Lida Davies; members of the board of Assouline Giles Deacon and Charles Finch; the president of global business development and portfolio management at Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts Bart Carnahan; and Laurent Feniou, Managing Director of the Cartier Foundation. The cultural part of the program was presented by the distinguished artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sevara Nazarkhan.

Uzbekistan: The Road to Samarkand is a joint project of the Foundation and Assouline Publishing. The book introduces readers to the historical and cultural heritage, architecture and natural landscape of our region. The publication of the book will contribute to the integration of culture and art of Uzbekistan into the world community and the development of the country's tourism potential. A special edition will be issued in the amount of 500 copies, and the total issue of the book is 3000 copies. The book is already available on the publisher's website and in stores in 20 countries.