Premiere of the ballet "Rasputin" in Uzbekistan

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On November 19, the State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi hosted the premiere of the ballet "Rasputin" in Uzbekistan with the participation of the world-famous dancer Sergei Polunin. Due to the fact that tickets for this event were completely sold out, the organizer of the project—the Foundation for the Development of Culture and Art—decided to organize a live broadcast of the ballet in the open air at the main entrance to the theater. The broadcast was available to everyone.

The dramatic ballet "Rasputin" was created by the Japanese choreographer Yuka Oishi specifically for Sergei Polunin. This year, the play had its world premiere at the Palladium Theatre in London. The action of the ballet, with costumes created by the famous Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko, takes place on a chessboard on which allegorical figures move, in many ways embodying the fate of the characters of the performance. "There are still many legends and rumors surrounding the controversial figure of the mad monk, but above all, he was a man," Yuka Oishi shared.

The ballet is divided into two acts: the first is dedicated to the ascent of Rasputin and his acquaintance with the Royal family; the second is the sunset of the 50-year-old elder and his patrons.

"My own sense of history is not so transparent. I don't look for information in books, I use intuition. I was relying on Yuka because she is very good at linking things. I am just a tool that turns ideas into reality. The story of Rasputin and his personality completely depends on whose story you hear," said the performer of the role of Grigory Rasputin himself, Sergei Polunin.

Also on November 19, at 12:00, a press conference was held with the participation of Sergei Polunin, choreographer Yuki Oishi (Japan), as well as dancers Johan Kobborg (Denmark), Alexey Lyubimov (Russia), Ksenia Ryzhkova (Russia), and Giorgio Kalenich (Serbia).