The cultural and natural heritage of Uzbekistan in the book of the publisher Yaffa Assouline and photographer Laziz Hamani

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Uzbekistan. The Road to Samarkand is a joint project of Assouline Publishing and the Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The book follows the route of the exhibition with the working title “Civilizations and Culture on the Silk Road”, which will be held at the Louvre Museum from October 21, 2021 to February 7, 2022. The authors of the book were the publisher Yaffa Assouline and the world-famous photographer Laziz Hamani.

The exhibition in the Louvre Museum will have its own sequence - visitors of museum will be able to see the culture of different regions and periods from the history of Uzbekistan. Photographer Laziz Hamani spent more than 50 filming days in Uzbekistan and followed the concept of the exhibition to demonstrate the country's cultural and natural heritage in this book. In March the book will appear in stores in 20 countries, as well as a presentation will be held at the Maison Assouline boutique in London. Presentation of the book in Tashkent with the participation of Yaffa Assouline and Laziz Hamani is planned in April.

"One of the few destinations on Earth where imagination aligns with reality, Uzbekistan flourishes with unparalleled scenery and unforgotten traditions. Crowned with golden palaces and wondrous monuments, the architectural landscape of the region is so rich with detail, the structures have been said to mirror the heavens themselves” (reported in the preface to the book).