Inclusive theater

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Performances with tiflocommenting (audio-description) will be presented on the stage of the State Youth Theater of Uzbekistan on February 28 and 29. The events are organized by the Culture and Arts Development Fund under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the support of the Kongil Ko’zi project. The Central Directorate of the Society of the Blind of Uzbekistan will invite the blind and visually-impaired residents of Tashkent and the Tashkent region.

A show-parable based on the poem by Timur Zulfikarov “The First Love of Khoja Nasreddin”, as well as the theatrical play “involuntary doctor” will be presented in the theater. The director of the performances is the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Nabi Abdurakhmanov.

Last year, the Foundation began working on a long-term program to create an inclusive environment in the country's cultural institutions. The introduction of tiflocommenting in theaters of the country was one of the elements of this program. The Foundation collaborated with the creators of this technology at the Reacomp Institute. In February, in collaboration with a Russian partner, the launch of an educational program was announced. At the end of the course, trained specialists worked on the projects of the Fund. Funds for the implementation of an innovative project in theaters of the country were received from the first international charity race in the history of Uzbekistan, namely the Samarkand Half Marathon, which was held in November 2019.

For reference: Tiflocommenting is a technology that allows blind and visually-impaired people to visit museums, theaters, exhibitions and cinema on an equal basis with everyone. Detailed, but at the same time concise comments that they receive through headphones, help to put together a holistic picture of what is happening on the stage, screen or picture.