Scholarship for training in audio description at the “Reacomp” Institute in Moscow

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The Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, together with the “Reacomp” Institute in Russia, has begun selecting candidates for participation in the educational program to introduce audio description in theaters in Uzbekistan. To participate in the selection, participants must send a copy of their passport, motivation letter, autobiography, resume, and a copy of a document confirming higher or secondary special education to the following e-mail address: or to the address: Tashkent, Mirabad district, Taras Shevchenko str., 1. Applications for training are accepted until February 15, 2020.

Candidates from Uzbekistan, selected as the result of online-testing and interviews, will become participants in the educational program. The training will take place in two stages: an online course and full-time training in Moscow at the “Reacomp” Institute. “Reacomp” is a leading institution of the Blind Society that provides comprehensive rehabilitation of people with disabilities using audio description technologies, training and skills upgrading, as well as the inclusion of new pedagogical approaches to teaching people with visual impairment. It is worth noting that the Foundation takes care of basic expenses, such as air travel, accommodation, and food. At the end of the program, trained specialists will work with blind and visually-impaired people in theaters in Uzbekistan.


Audio description is a concise description of the subject, space, or actions, which are incomprehensible to blind people without special verbal explanations. With the help of specially prepared audio descriptions, visually impaired or blind people can form a full-fledged visual image of what is happening on the stage.

We recall that in November 2019, the first international half-marathon in the history of Uzbekistan was held in Samarkand, the purpose of the event was to draw public attention to the problem of accessibility and inclusiveness of cultural and art objects, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle and develop sports tourism in Uzbekistan. The proceeds from the half marathon were aimed at the implementation of the audio description project in the theatres of Tashkent.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers prepared by the Foundation, inclusive access conditions will be created for people with disabilities, preschool children, and pensioners in museums of Uzbekistan. This is a complex and lengthy process, which involves not only updating the infrastructure of the institutions but also the educational programs and retraining of employees to provide inclusive services inside them. These plans are included in the inclusivity program for 2020-2021.

The Foundation regularly organizes and supports events in the field of fine arts, literature, theater, music, and choreography. The Foundation is engaged in expanding international cultural ties, developing patronage in the country, and promoting the culture of Uzbekistan on the world stage. Reconstruction of the State Museum of Art, the international charity Samarkand Half Marathon, the opening of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent, and the exhibition "Civilizations and Cultures on the Silk Road" at the Louvre Museum are the latest projects. Information about these and others sponsored by the Foundation can be found at the links below:

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