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The video without sound with subtitles and the participation of a sign language interpreter introduces the central hall of "Mehmonhon". The hall is built like a Muslim mosque; this is evidenced by its square shape. The walls of the Central Hall are decorated with a continuous ornamental ganch carving with a background tinted with tempera paints. The ceiling painting is made using the "kundal" technique, the pattern in which is created with thin leaves of gold leaf glued to the wooden one with the help of honey or molasses.

There is a fountain in the center of the hall. It was originally made of wood, but due to severe damage over time, it was faced with marble during restoration in 1970. At the same time, a cotton box was added as a symbol of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The fountain was a reflection of the central part of the ceiling, imitating stalactites by steps.

The inscriptions above the doors are a saying of one of the oriental poets and thinkers in Persian, executed in Arabic script, in a simple translation it reads as follows: the first part - "The world is like a caravan-serai with two doors, one of them is entered, the other is exited". The second part: “And every day there are more and more new guests in this caravan-serai”.