The Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent posts children's master classes on its website

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The Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent launches an educational program for the youngest art lovers. The CCA Kids program will be available online and will include hands-on workshops that teach emerging artists how to work with paints, pencils, plasticine and other materials. In addition to practical skills, children in our classes will learn to think in abstract categories, such as lines, images, and the surface of a drawing. The first series of classes will also include a lesson on contemporary art and one of the key artists of the XX century – Joseph Beuys. The main goal of the program is to involve children in the creative process and teach them to express themselves through art.


In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, classes will be published online on the Center's website.


CCA Tashkent


The Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent – (CCA Tashkent) is a new space for the development and support of contemporary culture in Central Asia. The building, which will soon become a center of modern art, was built in 1912. Before the revolution, there was a diesel power plant that generated power for the first tram line in the city. It was here that the electrification of the city of Tashkent began. Here, the renewal of the artistic environment of modern Uzbekistan will also begin. Reconstruction of the building will commence in late 2020.


This year, before the start of reconstruction, the center is working in a test mode. Among its first projects is the CCA LAB. Launched in March 2020, this research laboratory aims to develop contemporary art and cultural practices in Uzbekistan, as well as formulate new readings and new understanding of the region's artistic heritage.

Under the guidance of international curators, CCA LAB participants will gain hands–on professional experience working on projects, including Tashkent Encounters, which is a series of interdisciplinary meetings dedicated to film, music, and performance.